About us

We come from a family of Seafarers, my father went to Sea, his father went to Sea and his father before him and so on....  It has even been passed through our family folklore that we are related to Captain Henry Morgan.... but as he was a rather naughty pirate perhaps we should not dwell on that!

Nautical & Nostalgia

With a love of the nautical and nostalgia we looked to make a giddy combination after admiring some rather beautiful vintage shipping charts.


So we created our original and beautiful paper boats.  They are used to send messages of love, happiness, remembrance and make lasting and memorable keepsakes.   


We all remember making paper planes, fortune tellers and boats when we were younger and those times hold a special place in our hearts.  Add in some special words and lovely finishing touches and we feel we have found a perfect combination!


We love our Paper Boats - we hope you will too!

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